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Cornwall is a peninsula attached to the island of Britain, and forms the outermost southwest extension of Britain into the Atlantic.
Language and Culture

The ancient native language of Cornwall, Cornish, known as Kernowek to its speakers, had died out as the native language of the Cornish people by the end of the 19th century, but has been revived by Cornish language enthusiasts, and now has about 300 fluent speakers in Cornwall. A few of them are true native speakers - children being brought up with Cornish as their first language.

The BBC has some introductory lessons in beginner's Cornish.

Another introductory lesson set can be found at the Kernowek 101 web site.

A more advanced Cornish language course can be found at An Yeth Kernewek.

Wikipedia has an introduction to Cornish music.
Wikipedia has a brief introduction to Cornish history.