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Ireland is the second largest westernmost of the British Isles. (A description of Ireland as "British" is unpopular among some elements of the population of the Republic of Ireland.)
Language and Culture

Before English invasions permanently altered the language and culture of Ireland, the entire island spoke a Celtic language. Once commonly called Gaelic or Irish Gaelic, Irish, the native language of Ireland is is still spoken in a few scattered areas of Ireland. There is substantial dialectical variation in Irish. A learner would do best to pick one and master it before going on to the others.

There are a number web sites which provide Irish lessons.

Here are a few lessons from a book titled 'Learning Irish' by Mícheál ó Siadhail.

The IrishPage.com has a much more detailed course in Irish.

There is an immense amount of information about Irish music available on the Web.
Comhaltas is an organization dedicated to the promotion of Irish music and culture. Most of its branches are in Ireland, but others are scattered all over the world.
Ceolas is a web site with much useful information. It has not had much maintenance in the last few years, but still contains a great deal of useful information. There are also many dead links.