Children’s Area
Warren and Rebekah Sheffield began coordinating activities for the Children’s Area in 2007 when they joined the CHF Board of Directors. The Sheffields have four children of their own, all now teens. They have many years of experience working with young children. 

One of the primary goals of the Children’s Area is to help children learn about the different Celtic Nations. To accomplish this, one nation is highlighted each year. All activities within the Children’s Area relate back to that nation in some manner. 

Expect for the 2008 Celtic Heritage Festival:

Kentoc'h mervet eget am zoatran – Rather Dead Than Soiled

Some Of Our Planned Activities:
Clan and Society Passport:
Visit the clan and organization tents. Learn about who they are and get your passport stamped.

Shard Count:
Guess how many shards of pottery are in the jar.
Field Events:
Ermine Toss: Throw the ermine as far as you can.
Tug of War: Can your team be the first to pull its flag across the line?
Relay: Have your team be the first to get its stripe across the finish line.